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General service area for GMS is Southwestern Ontario, within 1 hour drive of London, although exceptions may be made under certain circumstances. Please contact our office if you require service outside our general area.

Residential Loans

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If you do not qualify for a conventional first mortgage, whether it be due to employment status or bankruptcy or other circumstances, a mortgage lender can provide financing until such time as you are able to establish a good credit rating. You can then take advantage of the better rates with a new conventional mortgage. Be wary of any prepayment clauses and penalties as this may inhibit your ability to switch over to a better rate and lower your payments, and remember that our mortgages are fully open without notice or bonus.

Bridge Financing

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When selling a home, you may not receive the cash for 90 days, but you may have purchased a new home and are required to pay for it in 30 days. Bridge financing can cover the 60 day gap in cash flows.

Multi-Family Loans

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For developers or investors looking to purchase apartment buildings or condominium complexes, we provide multi-family loans as well. Funds can be used to purchase new property, refinance existing property or to free up capital for renovations or other projects.

Agricultural Loans

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Funds are available for farms and various agribusiness for improvements, acquisitions, expansion, renovations or capital restructuring.

Industrial Loans

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The equity in your industrial complex can help to finance that next big project or upgrade your business to stay competitive.

Lot Purchase

Lot Sample

Whether you are planning to build a primary residence, second home, or wish to make an investment, our lot loan may help you aquire the land you wish to purchase.

Interim Loans

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While you search for an optimal long term financing solution we can provide the intermin funds needed to maintain your operations.


We co-broker deals and pay commission on referrals, so all broker inquiries are welcome.

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